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This is a beginners video tutorial for Open Office Writer.

In this video tutorial will take a look at Open Office 4 Writer. We will cover the fundamentals of Open Office 4 Writer to ensure you have a good understanding. Open Office 4 Writer is a free word-processing application which is very similar to Microsoft Word or Libre Office 4 Writer.

You can use Open Office 4 Writer to create custom documents for your business. At DCP we often use Open Office 4 Writer to create specifications for our web development projects.

In this tutorial will take a look at the following features:

How to save documents
How to export as a PDF document
How to export as a word document
How to create a header and footer
How to add your company logo
How to add an address and telephone number
How to format fonts
How to format tables
How to create a number list
How to create a bullet list
How to justify text
How to add images

The above are just a few of the aspects will cover in this tutorial.

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