Word 2010 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Word

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An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know about Word for the corporate environment, education or personal use. Learn Word in just a couple hours and sharpen your tech. skills and enhance your resume. Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word. See also our website: for more info.

Table of Contents for the Video thanks to Deborah K.
00:00 Getting started and general concepts
11:40 Using styles
17:19 Inserting pictures, clipart and shapes
23:37 Inserting a table in a document
26:34 Inserting page breaks
27:59 Inserting smartart
30:50 Inserting headers and footers in a document
30:10 Inserting drop caps and text boxes
34:21 Document layout and page margins
39:18 Creating a Table of Contents in a document
43:25 Inserting footnotes and endnotes
44:25 Creating a bibliography (works cited) for research paper
51:30 Spell check and grammar check
54:43 Creating labels and mail merges
1:00:38 Using templates
1:02:09 Performing mail merge
1:08:36 Creating columns in document
1:11:14 Tracking changes in a document

—– Original Listing of items covered ——
The tutorial covers:
Getting started with Microsoft Word 2010.
Defining and using styles to format a document Microsoft Word 2010.
Inserting clipart, shapes and tables Microsoft Word 2010.
Inserting SmartArt Microsoft Word 2010.
Inserting drop caps and textboxes Microsoft Word 2010.
Document layout and table of contents Microsoft Word 2010.
Bibliography and works cited Microsoft Word 2010.
Spell checking Microsoft Word 2010.
Doing a mail merge Microsoft Word 2010.
Using templates Microsoft Word 2010.
Creating columns Microsoft Word 2010.

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